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First campaign for the boldest lingerie brand in Brazil

The challenge was to make Loungerie the main Love Brand of the female universe in Brazil.  We understand that lingerie is more than clothing, it's an attitude. It is a tool of expression of female achievement over her own body.

That's why we created a 5-episode documentary series with 4 very different women who are very proud to be who they are. In this series, we invite them to strip off their filters in order to have a real conversation that generates identification, connection, sorority, and empathy. 

The name "Pleasure, Loungerie" was created with a double meaning: because it's the first time the brand has campaigned (as in: it's a pleasure to meet you) and "Pleasure" on the sensual side: because Loungerie is a brand that has already born bold and without taboos and, so, can touch more controversial and pungent subjects.

CW and SW: Julia Antuerpem

AD: Camila Smid

CD: Matheus Flandoli

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