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Le Manjue Organique Restaurant

Creation of the new product, from name and brand to launch the full campaign.

From the name to visual, label, brand, campaign and launch. Following the values of the Organic Restaurant Le Manjue, under the tutelage of Chef Renato Caleffi, we created the whole concept for his new recipe: a healthy chocolate, free of dairy, gluten and sugar. The challenge was precisely to show how good a relationship between healthy life and chocolate can be. The answer? It’s all about love. The campaign starred by the most loved couple in Brazil: Bruno Gagliasso and Giovanna Ewbank, the brazilian version of "brangelina". 

CW: Julia Antuerpem

DA: Rodrigo Joia, Wirley Almeida and Mauricio Quitero

CD: Adriano Panda Leal


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