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Gepom - Polícia Militar

TV Series

Even with poor working conditions, The Brazilian Special Group of Maritime Police (Gepom), commanded by Ettori, is still responsible for patrolling over 500km of river in one of the most violent places on Earth: The Triple Frontier (Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina)


This no man’s land, though, will pump fiercely in the media after Ettori's team rescues the wife and son of an eminent newspaper owner from a kidnapping.

However, due to one agent’s mistake, the boy will become tetraplegic, making this spotlight not a pleasant one. This will bring out the best and the worst of them. Now, this disunited group will have to set aside their differences in favor of this special force’s survival.

SW: Julia Antuerpem, Julio Meloni, and Erik de Castro

Director: Edu Felistoque

Felistoque Filmes

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