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2024 Digital Campaign.

Our challenge was to polish consumers aged 25-45 who are not engaged with TRESemmé and to overcome their scepticism that professional, ultra-glossy hair isn't achievable at home with the New TRESemmé Lamellar Shine in the UK.

Plus, this was destined to be a complete Digital Campaign.

First, we created "Get your shine on," a modular concept for our tagline that will be used with the addition of the @ symbol (e.g., "Get your shine on @Christmas", "Get your shine on @Brit Awards", etc.). Therefore, the brand will always be in sync with the current moment, bringing a fresher and modern vibe and making a presence in ongoing affairs.

Once that was established that modular concept, we decided to bring that lamellar shine (literally) everywhere in London

Thus, we created:

  • A CGI Teaser (the shine of TRESemmé's Lamellar technology has arrived and is taking over the UK);

  • A Shiny Squad (a combination of stylists & hair experts plus lifestyle and beauty influencers to drive desire through engaging and relevant content);

  • Partnerships (Leverage the Brit Awards to drive an unmissable launch moment + GRWM pre-show + Shine Cam + Lamellar shine reaction + Sponsor a Shine Award);

  • Amidst many other activations and content.

CW: Julia Antuerpem 

PL: Rachel Correa

CD: Bruna Togni

Head of Creation: Mafê Lamego

OOO Agency

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