Café Damasco

Father’s Day - Radio Spot and Print Ads

In order to promote the Father’s Day of Café Damasco, a well-known brand from Parana, we have created a campaign based entirely on nostalgia, with print ads, radio spot and activations whose creation highlights all the values of the brand: being very familiar, intimate and bringing parents and children even closer. Everything under the signature: This is from home. 

CW: Julia Antuerpem 
DA: Mauricio Ribeiro 
CD: Mariana Borga and Erico Braga
J. Walter Thompson

café damasco - spot radio
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"On this Father's Day, Coffee Damasco invites you to have a cup of coffee with the one who was always there for you. First a cradle, then a room, and when you realized, he had already got to the other side of the country. He asked for the house key, the car key, and when you realized, he was already asking for the key to the world. He crossed the street, arrived on the moon, and when you realized, well, when you realize your child comes back from anywhere to have a coffee with you.

- Happy Father’s Day! 

- Oh, son, what a great surprise.

Coffee Damasco. Made to make you closer."