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• Ogilvy

• Dentsu McGarry Bowen

• J. Walter Thompson Brazil

Academic Studies

• Master of Liberal Arts: Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard University

• Master of Liberal Arts: History at Harvard University

• Copywriter at Miami AD School

• Master in Screenwriting at FAAP


Julia has won more than 50 awards in the area, with emphasis to:

   Cannes Screenplay Festival

    Hollywood Screenplay Festival

    Effie Awards

    Barcelona Film Festival

(for more details, please go to my LinkedIn page)

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• Disney Channel Latin America
• Netflix
• Globo

  • LinkedIn

Julia Antuerpem is a writer, screenwriter, and copywriter, who went to prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and Miami Ad School. She’s written TV shows for Disney Channel Latin America, AXN, Globo, and Netflix, and worked as a copywriter for agencies such as Ogilvy Brazil, Artplan, Dentsu McGarry Bowen, and JWT Brazil. 

She has won various awards, highlights to Barcelona Film Festival, Cannes Screenplay Festival, Hollywood Screenplay Festival, and Globo  Network’s Green Nation Fest.

She has also published a book of short stories. 

This is what the short CV says. Precise, yet vague.


It is precise because it shows the photo with the 200-pound catfish that once was caught. That photo that should be proudly displayed on any wall. Something to be praised. But it’s vague, because all the other photos in the life of a fisherman are omitted: all the trouts, the small sardines, and, of course, all the times the fisherman came back empty-handed.


Every CV celebrates the big catch. It only shows victories. The battles are left out. After all, they’re not the reason CVs exist. There are autobiographies for that


For that same reason, I was always more interested in learning about battles than victories. After all, victory may allows envy; but the battle always brings admiration. And, so, I've always had more fun in finding out how someone got to the point where they are than in the final line itself.


This is why my heroes were never the “supermen,” but the great humans of mankind: those who were arrested 29 times because they had a dream, the sick who died in their bathroom singing Jacobine praises, the scientists which no sclerosis will prevented him from studying, the alchemists of light who create fantastic worlds. Those. The real ones. More than any glorious figure, wearing a cape, from Stan Lee’s world. It doesn’t work for me. I always preferred this other, real thing, this reality so invariable and imperfect.


Think about it! The world is on the brink of chaos and you’re just there with Harvard on your CV. "Surely handed to you on a beautiful golden plate", people might think. It’s almost lyrical. "I’m sure it’s on her Facebook cover page". But, no. It was not.


However, the great pride I had about putting Harvard in bold letters on my CV was not as big as my desire to talk about all the obstacles I had to overcome in my way. Modest victories which found no applause. In the end, I think they’re more important than any kind of fame. So don’t be deceived by a few well-written lines and a sweet picture. This person is strong and the battles were long. They extend far beyond the victory on display. Trust me: the cliff may be hidden, but lots of people fell from it. I know I did.


And I don’t cover up my battles: I played every role in my path. I am the saviour, the aggressor, and the victim. They’re all in me. Each of us should cultivate the part we desire. And that, my friend, is your responsibility, as well as a blond young man used to say. 

My victim exists. She’s always there: at the beggining of every career without any connections. And, when she entered my battle, she came in strong, wronged, tired, in pain. My victim is not a helpless child or a poor old shaman. She’s the warrior, the first in line in the battalion. Not the general, nor the leader in the rear. I even doubt she ranks higher than a soldier. She’s the one who worked for free, who heard “no,” without support or help. The one who only had the chance to learn by being slapped in the face. The one who was betrayed. Who spoke when it was not her turn. Who had her good intentions, viewed as opportunism. Who fought dark nights. Who accepted inconvenient throat aches. Who was harassed, and had to hear unfair things, lies, falsehoods. Yes... This part is filled with many “whos.” 

After so many falls, so much pain, and so many hard times, the aggressor in me was able to wake up. And she emerged as a rebel, doing spells, from the most scandalous to the most sneaky. She learned to study every situation with the seriousness of someone about to overthrow a dictator. Make no mistake: she rules over this barricade, she is the dispenser of justice, and she is the one calling the shots: from blind shots in the dark to guided missiles. She’s the ambitious one, with blood in her eyes. The one laughing at the system and people’s games. The one roaming the streets and aiming as high as she can. The one facing the sun with the braveness of a soldier facing death.


Finally, like a breath of peace, the savior in me awakens as well. Calmer. Less desperate. And what about the others? The doubts? The obstacles? The last? The next? She can soothe you. Under her guidance, you will die a little less. And, when you’re under her control, you will be respected and educated. A lot is demanded, but she pays the price without complaining. Her loyalty to allies can challenge common sense here. She is always a good shoulder, an extended hand, and a pulsating heart.


Yes. I have all these personalities. I punched and I took some punches. I made mistakes and I got some things right. Nothing was rosy, nothing fell from the sky. I had to go and get everything. I’m not hiding it. All this imperfection is part of my humanity. I am an individualist, but I also have simple altruism: I want to add and evolve. 


I know well that admitting your mistakes is never easy. But even then, I still prefer the reports about the fights. There’s no other way. Even if every “behind the scenes” is edited, battles have more to tell than victories. Autobiographies tell more than CVs.


And it is possible that all this is a pessimistic view of recognition, but I declare that the more real, the more true, the better.


So, no. I was not born to be a writer. I don’t have a gift. I don’t have connections. I did not skip stages either. I simply chose to pursue my life goal through this. But, like everybody else, I’m imperfect. I’m not a superhero, but I strive a lot to be superhuman. Just like this. Exactly like this. Real. Imperfect. Ethical. Working hard. The dreamer by night and the one who goes for it in the morning. The savior, the aggressor, and the victim. The one who made mistakes and the one who got things right. That one. The human one. Just the human who wants to make this world a better place. 

About Julia_ballet_imagem1.jpg



Julia Antuerpem is also a professional Ballet Dancer, who graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance in London, UK. What difference does it make in my career? It only makes everything sound more harmonious to whoever is listening, highlights my passion for the classic arts, and shows dedication and resilience, because, trust me, it took a lot of effort. A very, very, very happy effort.

Furthermore, I'm also Wiccan.


Thank you for reading.

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